Female Corporeality and Religion 2023

Online Art Exhibition


Woman and Fire

Danylo Movchan

Paper, watercolor, wooden frame, glass

35 x 40 cm





The element of fire is yet another "home" of women, as Danylo Movchan suggests. If water was universally regarded as a “feminine” symbol, fire was "reserved" rather for men. Woman-water, man-fire - such a "black-and-white" picture simplifies the complexity of both natural phenomena and religious-cultural practices associated with them. Interestingly, in this diptych, the woman in the house of fire is represented differently than the woman in the house of water. The hot-yellow background is more intense in the place where the woman stands, as if she were making it more intense. (ST)


Danylo Movchan

Danylo Movchan (b.  1979) is a Ukrainian artist who specializes in iconography, painting, and restoration. His works grace churches and private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Finland, Italy, France, Canada, and the United States. He has participated in over 90 group exhibitions and several international open-air events both within Ukraine and overseas. He has to his credit 11 solo exhibitions, three of which were international.

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