Female Corporeality and Religion 2023

Online Art Exhibition


The Good News

Uliana Nyshchuk

Board, levkas, tempera, acrylic, gilding

40 x 50 cm





This work is about the encounter between the divine and the "ordinary" female body. In particular, the hand of God touches the female womb, which is an image of God the Giver of Life. After bringing a "new person into the world" (John 16:20-21), the woman breastfeeds the baby, sustaining its life. This is one of the multiple ways in which the female body is the “good news” for the world and humanity.


Uliana Nyshchuk

Nyshchuk Uliana (b.  1984) is a Ukrainian artist working with tempera, levkas (gesso like medium) and graphic techniques. 

Major exhibitions: 

2010 - "Beauty and Drama of the Human Body", Lviv Palace of Arts, Lviv.

2011-2022 - art project "From Roman to Jordan"

2012 - "Transition", ICON ART gallery  

2015 - "Cluster", ICON ART gallery.

2018 - "Adam's Rib", ICON ART gallery

2020 - "Mary's Dream", Green Couch Gallery.

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