Female Corporeality and Religion 2023

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The Mother of God with Emmanuel - Perivlepta

Vlodko Oleshchuk and Lyubov Chorna

Inspired by the Baroque iconography of the Lavra School and the works of Jov Kondzelevych and Ivan Rutkovych.

Board, levkas, carving, gilding, casein-oil tempera, oil

147 x 90 cm



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The icon by Volodymyr Oleshchuk and Lyubov Chorna, inspired by Ukrainian Baroque prototypes, belongs to an iconographic subtype called “Beautiful” (Perivleptos), derived from the well-known Hodegetria. In this iconographic type, Emmanuel – the child in whom ‘God is with us’ – is turned towards the mother and blesses her. This seemingly insignificant detail allows Eastern Christian iconography to tell the story of the physical and spiritual beauty of the one who was deigned to become the mother of God – the Theotokos. The icon, which is stylistically Neo- Baroque, still retains much of the hieratic character of the Byzantine-Ukrainian iconography of the Middle Ages. At the same time, it is typical of Western European art styles with its pleasing appearance and elements of the ordinary feminine beauty of the woman who became higher than the Cherubim. (ST)


Vlodko Oleshchuk

Volodymyr Oleshchuk (b.  1984) is a Ukrainian artist, professionally engaged in iconography and painting on canvas. He has participated in the reconstruction of some of the most prominent monuments of Kyiv, Poltava, and Lviv. He is a member of the Ukrainian Union of Icon Painters. He conducts master classes and seminars on painting technology and levkas (board preparation).

Recently, he has been working in the field of abstract painting, as well as experimenting with video art, photography, and music. He creates works in MediaArt, VideoArt and NFT. He was the author of video art in the music and theater project "Antonych at Home", 2014. He worked as a set designer and video art director in the Opera Myth "Ukraine - Terra incognita", 2021. He participated in numerous exhibitions and open-air events in Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, the USA, and Switzerland.