Female Corporeality and Religion 2023

Online Art Exhibition


Goddess Zenona

Volodymyr Slepchenko

Oil on canvas

200 х 65 cm



Not For Sale


The name means "the force of Zeus". In ancient mythology, there is a legend that the goddess was one of the granddaughters of Zeus. She played the role of a "cupbearer" for Zeus, pouring and serving him wine during the feast. Thus, she was responsible for winemaking and wine quality. The painting depicts a female figure holding a glass of wine in her hand, leaning on a large amphora, and her foot squeezing the juice from a bunch of grapes. The depiction of the goddess Zeno, her plasticity, together with the vine, resembles the Secession style, which was very common in Lviv in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The author depicted his wife Zenona as the goddess. 


Volodymyr Slepchenko

In his work, academician Volodymyr Slepchenko constantly returns to the theme of the female body in various cultural and sociological contexts.

Volodymyr Slepchenko (b.  1947) is a Ukrainian painter, graphic and monumental artist, and master of psychological portraiture. He works in the artistic orientation of romantic symbolism, inventing his own  technique and unique artline style. People's Artist of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine, academician. Head of the Department of Culture and Arts and Academician of the World Academy of Arts (MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA), France.

He has participated in numerous regional, national, foreign and international exhibitions. He is the winner of many national and international awards, including the Botticelli Prize in 2019. Since 1970, he has held more than 80 personal exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany, Canada, Israel, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Japan and other countries. He was a participant in the group exhibition of Ukrainian artists "Autumn Salon-90" in Paris (France) in 1990.

Volodymyr Slepchenko's paintings and graphic works are held in museums, galleries and private collections in Ukraine and in many countries of the world. Since 2005, the portrait of the Grand Master of the Order of Malta Andrew Bertie has been on permanent display at the Gallery of Portraits of Grand Masters in Malta. Since 2018, the painting "The Great  Baptism" has found a place of honor in the permanent exhibition on the second floor of the main shrine of Ukraine - St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv.

For more than 50 years, the artist has been fruitfully working in various types and genres of fine arts, but among the main works of the artist are paintings on historical themes from the Trypillia era to the present.