Female Corporeality and Religion 2023

Online Art Exhibition



Maryana Flyak

Plywood, acrylic ground, egg tempera, gilding

70 x 50 cm





One of the traits associated with femininity is tenderness. It is a "flower", sown by God in a woman's heart, it is the "emblem" of the female nature. Tenderness is vulnerable, but it has an unfathomable power. It makes a woman herself, it is like a river that quenches thirst in a world of brutality, pain, and death. It fills out. It heals. Tenderness is a trait not too popular in the modern world, often forgotten, or perceived as weakness. Instead, it can be thought of as a female treasure, part of female identity, a symbol of God's love and God's fascination with female nature.


Maryana Fliak 

Maryana Fliak (b.  1983) is a Ukrainian artist working in sacred art. She is the author of two iconostases - in the village of Prylbychi, the birthplace of Andrey Sheptytsky, and the baptistery of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lviv.

She works as an illustrator of children's books at Ababagalamaga (Kyiv), Svichado (Lviv), and Brandilyn Publisher (USA).

She is the founder and chief artistic editor of the children's magazines Angelatko, Likhtyaryk, and Angelatkova Nauka. She has published more than 30 illustrated children's books around the world.

She is the founder of the annual Christmas song festival "Letila Ptaha" in Lviv.

An author of children's songs, she recently recorded her first folk music album "Ozhyvay".

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