Female Corporeality and Religion 2023

Online Art Exhibition



Daria Alyoshkina

Papercutting ("Vytynanka")


40 x 50 cm




The artist comments on her work as follows: “Eve is a personification of womankind. Besides symbolizing the material dimension of life, Eve emerges as the mother of all living beings, or Natura naturans – the nature that gives birth. She is portrayed sitting in meditation under a tree, a symbol of knowledge, at the centre of which we see an apple. This captures the moment right before the serpent appears”. A symmetrical image, typical for the traditional folk technique of paper-cutting, presents Eve as if in a mirror. The two parts of the image are identical: Eve sees herself as she genuinely is – without embellishment or reduction. The hidden trap of the Super-Ego does not weigh upon her. Her exquisite nudity represents the external form of an inner world untouched by sin. (ST)


Daria Alyoshkina 

Daria Alyoshkina (b.  1982) is a Ukrainian artist specializing in easel and monumental art, sculpture, embossing, and graphics. She is the director of the Shadow Theater "See." She has participated in more than thirty sculptural symposia in Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania. Since 2010, she has represented Ukraine at international events with monumental papercuts in countries including Poland, Germany, France, South Korea, Canada, the USA, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, and others. Her papercut work (or vytynanka) has twice decorated the Ukrainian stand at the renowned "Livre Paris" book forum in Paris. In 2018, the Cartier brand adorned their boutique with her papercut art.

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