Female Corporeality and Religion 2023

Online Art Exhibition


Diptych "Despair: The Taboo of the Female Body in Religion"

Bohdana Tatarenko

Canvas, acrylic

120 x 120 cm each



€800 each


In many ancient cultures and religious traditions the female body was viewed as something impure and sinful. This not only contributed to some forms of social oppression, but also to an inner tension many women were doomed to experience. Many cultures retain prohibitions (taboos) for women that regulate the expression of their femininity. She is often shamed and limited, and as a result, forced to hide her femininity.


Bohdana Tatarenko

Tatarenko Bohdana (b.  1997). The artist graduated from the Department of Monumental Painting at the Lviv National Academy of Arts She is persuing her master's degree in management of socio-cultural activities and working on a project to promote Ukrainian artists, including herself. She was an intern at the Svitlo Gallery in Lviv. She works at the Lviv National Academy of Arts. So far, she has managed and/or curated six exhibitions, one of which was created with the support of the Stabilization Fund for Culture and Education 2022, the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and the Goethe-Institut. Her own works have been shown in four exhibitions, including the exhibition "Horizons/Orizzonti" held at the Villa Ex-Asilio Ciani in Lugano, Switzerland in 2023 with the diptych "Awakening". 

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