Female Corporeality and Religion 2023

Online Art Exhibition


Creation of Humankind

Taras Kuziv


Board, levkas, acrylic paint, gilding 

30 x 40 cm





Adam and Eve are universal symbols of man and woman. Beings that are constantly drawn to one another. Before and after the fall, they desire to know each other, life, and themselves. However, in Christian interpretation, after they consume the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, evil interferes and introduces various obstacles into their experience and their communication. Adam and Eve carry the 'impulse of life' given by God the Creator. This gift is embodied in the ability to co-create new life. It is this aspect that I emphasize in my work


Taras Kuziv 

Taras Kuziv (b.  1986) is a Ukrainian icon painter. Despite the stereotype of clear and rigid frameworks in sacred art, he considers this branch of art inexhaustible and eternally relevant. He has participated in international open-airs shows and exhibitions, including:


- 2021: II All-Ukrainian Biennale of Levkas, White Light Gallery, Kyiv.

- 2020: International Icon Painting Plein Air in Nowica, Poland.

- 2020: "COV 19 2020", Batumi, Georgia.

- 2019: First All-Ukrainian Biennial of Levkas, White Light Gallery, Kyiv.