Female Corporeality and Religion 2023

Online Art Exhibition



Yaroslava Tkachuk

Original author's technique

Natural textile, linen, silk, acrylic, oxidized melchior

30 х 35 сm




I believe that every woman is a creator. She is capable of creating an incredible space around herself. And it is not just about the material space. It is about the feeling of comfort, cosiness, safety and calm, like in mother’s arms. Every woman can extend this space of warmth and comfort, love and protection around oneself. But only a harmonious and integral woman can create, and not destroy. This space of harmony begins with accepting and recognizing oneself. 


Yaroslava Tkachuk

Tkachuk Yaroslava (b.  1981) is a Ukrainian artist working in sacred art. She employs  mixed techniques to create her works: she uses a variety of materials (brass, copper, which, when oxidized, gives an incredible palette, satin white melchior, in combination with wood or thread structures), textures, shades, always relying on the natural properties of a particular material. She believes that due to this material tactility, her works better convey warmth and love, and direct the thoughts of the observer in a positive direction.

She has had more than 10 personal exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad (Poland, USA, etc.), and participated in international projects in the USA, Austria, Germany, Poland, Greece, and France.

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